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Published March 31, 2018


1. Canadian Maritimes- Most of the ports on the Canadian Maritimes itinerary such as Charlottetown, Saint John, and Halifax are remotely small and have no risk of safety. The only time for the most amount of traffic is the leaf-peeling season, which would be your only concern.

2. Scandinavia- countries such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark are famous for their stance on gun violence and are very peaceful countries in Europe. Your only concern would be traveling through Russia and have private guides are the best way to avoid any issues.

3. New Zealand- You have nothing to worry about in the land of the Kiwis. New Zealand ranks number 4 as the most peaceful countries on the Global Peace Index and is perceived as one of the least corrupt countries. So you don’t have to worry about being scammed either.

4. Coastal California- Even though you wouldn’t think that the US is a very safe place, the West Coast is the better areas to visit in the US. The atmosphere is very relaxed and laid back. The vineyards in Santa Barbra or the San Juan Islands, very safe places to visit.

5. Private Cruise Line Islands in the Caribbean- Although the Caribbean can be beautiful, some countries are poor with lots of crime and especially for cruise passengers. Cruise line private islands are a whole other story since they are private you are completely isolated from the Caribbean safety issues.

6. British Islands- These cruise itineraries often bring passengers to a smaller town where they don’t even lock their doors. A great place to roam around

7. Japan- Violent crime is very unusual in Japan as it is against the law to carry a gun, and for police officers to carry one off duty. As for women, there still is a risk and make sure to take the proper precautions in larger cities. As an overall whole, cruisers should feel safe when visiting Japan.



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