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Published March 22, 2018


1. Alarm Clock- Many cruise cabins aren’t equipped with alarm clocks. If you are planning on getting your day going or making sure you are on time for a shore excursion, make sure that you bring an alarm clock!

2. Sun Protection- Sunscreen, hats and aloe cream are always must-have items for vacation. Especially if you are traveling through the hot Caribbean sun, make sure you have some sun protection and recovery aloe cream for backup.

3. First- Aid Kit- Even though there are first-aid kits onboard, it might not be what you need. It’s always smart to bring your favorite medications in case of an emergency. And if traveling off the ship, most ports will not have the medication you are looking for.

4. Extra Storage Products- Some staterooms can be small and not much room to store things. Some storage items that are allowed onboard to help you keep everything together. Door shoe holders can be rolled up in your suitcase and put on the back of your door to store the small stuff so it doesn’t get lost. Another good idea are the shower suction cups to store on the walls or in the bathroom to hang wet towels or bathing suits.

5. Water bottles- Some cruises are NOT all-inclusive and therefore you will have to pay for drinks. If you find you aren’t much of a pop person and drink more water, bring a water bottle so you can fill up without having to pay for water!

6. Extra bags- If you are a shopper, make sure to bring extra bags, foldable bags, extra zip locks or maybe an empty suitcase. Paying for an empty suitcase on the way there is usually cheaper than paying for overweight luggage.

7. Laundry products- The prices for onboard laundry services can be extremely high. Instead, bring some Tide ToGo sticks for stains and wrinkle spray to avoid steaming and ironing service charges.

8. Power bar Plug- Some cabins aren’t equipped for 4 people having to charge their phones daily. By bringing a power bar for everyone to plug in solves the not enough outlets in the stateroom problem.

9. Earplugs- Cruises can be loud. The walls in the staterooms are pretty thin. In addition, there are nightly entertainment parties on some cruises, and maybe you just want to get some sleep. The cruises also do need to be cleaned and there is often vacuuming in the halls pretty early in the morning when no one is awake yet.



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