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Published March 31, 2018


Seeking a great view? If you want to capture some amazing views straight from your cabin, cabins at the front or the back of the ship have the best views. In addition, some lines offer larger windows, from floor-to-ceiling, these are also great options for someone looking to have the best view in their cabin.

Seeking for larger balconies? Aft cabins or the cabins located at the back of the ship are the best for larger than normal balconies. Specifically, the ships corners usually have wrap around balconies with room for chairs and loungers for some relaxation time alone.

Seeking cabins for motion sensitivity? Midship is the best option for passengers looking to avoid seasickness. The middle cabins of the ship have the least amount of movement compared to the front and the back of the ship as the water hits harder in these sections. In addition, passengers should request a cabin closer to the waterline as the motion is more intense on higher decks.

Seeking some quiet? The best way to seek quiet is to study the deck plans to get the best cabin for you. Avoid areas around the pools, buffets, elevators, the laundry, casino or any entertainments areas. You also should avoid the lower decks in the front where the anchor is located and the back where the ship’s generator is located. The best way to find a quieter cabin is with other cabins surrounding you on all sides.

Seeking a spa experience? Getting rooms that are close to the spa is a good pick for you. On some ships, there are dedicated spa cabins on the same deck as the spa. Other ships have direct access through staircases or elevators. Make sure to consult with your travel agent on possible options near the spa.

Seeking some pool-time relaxation? If you are a water baby, make sure that you have the closest room to the pool as you can get. Some ships offer cabins on the same deck as the pools which is a perfect commute for you. Another option is a cabin near the waterline. This allows you to look out and see the waterline moving up and down flowing against the ship.



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