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Published April 2, 2018


Sometimes cruise lines will offer upgrades before you check in to your cabin. There are many reasons as to why, but sometimes it isn’t always a great option for you. Here are some reasons to upgrade and some reasons not to upgrade.

You say yes when…

1. It is free or at a reduced price- Some cruise lines will offer free upgrades if they are possible. They also can sell them at a reduced rate. Everyone is different so if you still think it’s a little pricey, you can always decline. If you aren’t picky with where your cabin is located then there is no reason not to take the upgrade.

2. You want a little more space- If you are a larger family in a relatively smaller room and they are offering, it is a good option to take the upgrade. A little more room never hurt anyone.

3. You move to the next cabin type- Space is always a good option. If you can sacrifice being maybe closer to an elevator for a better room, it is a game of giving and take. If you are okay with that then for sure take the upgrade.

4. You get extra perks- Make sure you read the fine print, but sometimes moving up a cabin type comes with perks that you didn’t have before, or maybe ones you like more than the ones you booked with.

You decline when…

1. You need a specific cabin- If you have selected your original cabin due to seasickness, the upgrade more than likely will not accommodate you that way. When you receive an upgrade, it is the choice of the ship where the room is. If you are worried about seasickness, make sure that the upgrade is on a lower deck or midship, if not, it is better to stick with what you booked.

2. You need an accessible cabin- Many upgraded suites aren’t accessible suites, especially for wheel-chair friendly. If you need a wheelchair friendly cabin, it is always a good idea to stick with what you have booked.

3. You lose the perks you like- When booking, some cabins come with specific perks, and some come with others. In the case of an upgrade, the upgraded room sometimes comes with different perks than your original ones. If you like your perks, don’t upgrade because you will lose them. Sometimes it’s worth it to have a smaller room, and more perks than a bigger room with no perks.

4. It costs too much- Some cruise lines will offer upgrades simply because they have the availability. However, some can come at a hefty price. Before paying for an upgrade, make sure to read the fine print and see all the details of the upgrade to make sure it is worth the money being paid. And if the upgrade is nice, but just a little too much, it might be a good idea to decline and spend your money on other things on the cruise like a shore excursion or a luxurious beverage package to make your experience on the ship much better.



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