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Published April 3, 2018


The BauBax Jacket: The BauBax jacket is the only travel jacket you will ever need. The jacket was produced for travelers to only have to bring one jacket on their vacation, making packing much easier. The original jacket is equipped with 15 features built-in to the jacket for any type of traveler. In addition to the original jacket, they have come out with the BauBax 2.0, which has a total of 25 features, these including; airpod straps, passport pocket, phone pocket, telescopic pen, airpod pocket, earplugs, footrest, blanket, charger pocket, secret pocket, handwarmer pockets, bottle opener, keychain, whistle, apple pencil pocket, tablet pocket, gloves, bottle, stylus pen, microfiber cloth, sunglass pocket, drink pocket, earphone holders, eye mask and a neck pillow. 

Nomatic Travel and Messenger Bags: Nomatic prides themselves on being the leading company in travel bags or consumers. Nomatic has a variety of products for travel ranging from travel wallets, notebooks, travel bags, messenger bags, laptop bags and soon to be featured, rolling luggage. Our suggestion is to look into their travel bags. They serve as a backpack or a duffle bag with backpack or duffle straps. The bag also features a water bottle pocket, an underwear compartment, cord management pockets, sternum detachable straps, RIFD security pocket perfect for your passport, a waist strap, a shoe compartment, laptop and tablet pockets and a laundry bag to keep all of your dirty clothes separate from the clean ones. 


Sandless Beach Mat and Tote: This is the perfect product for those beach bums out there and for families. The sandless beach mat allows you to lay out in the sun without having sand stick to you everywhere. It's perfect for beach picnics to keep the sand away from the food. And when packing up to leave, you won't be dragging any sand back with you. The beach tote is the same idea. Keep your clothes and towels in the bag so the sand doesn't get to them, and when leaving, you won't be bringing any sand back with you in the bottom of the bag. 

Luggage Scooter: This one is for the kids and the young at heart. This is a great interactive carry-on luggage option. The scooter, equipped with a small suitcase on the front allows consumers to scooter around with their luggage. The scooter also has built-in Bluetooth speakers to listen to some music. This is a great option for taking that long trek through the airport, or maybe the long wait at the cruise terminal. 

goTenna: goTenna is a revolutionary product that could in the future save a lot of people. goTenna works like a walkie-talkie that is connected to your smartphone. So for example, if you were in a remote country, and weren't getting a signal to let others know where you are, this is the most annoying part of traveling. If you and the person you want to reach have a goTenna device, the goTenna works like your phone service provider. No signal from the big companies? No worries! goTenna will work wherever you are and wherever the person on the other end is. It's like a huge network of walkie-talkies. Now, why is that important for travel? Travel, and especially the weather can be very unpredictable, and goTenna could be the key to helping stay in contact with your loved ones if there were to be an emergency wherever you are traveling. 

Water Purifier Bottle: This product is perfect for those countries where the water is either suggested that you don't drink it to avoid illness or in more remote areas of the world, you are told not to drink at all. A water purifier bottle allows you to instantly purify the water making it drinkable. It eliminated all of the bacteria and other dirt that comes naturally in some countries to make it drinkable for you. The bottle comes with the lid that is the purifying device and a cord to plug it in to charge. This is a great product to use on backpacking trips or even just to save the environment. This will help alleviate some of the plastic bottles that we waste in the travel industry. 

Tile: Tile is a great product for tracking items. Usually used for lost keys, Tile can be placed inside of your luggage in case it does ever go missing, you would be able to track it. Tile comes with the physical piece, that you would put in your luggage and then you would be able to register on the Tile app on a smartphone to keep track of where it was going. Perfect for travelers!

Odds and Ends: Some other great products that can be found almost everywhere that are great for traveling is battery packed and rechargeable phone cases. Phone batteries die quickly, especially when you need it the most, a battery case is always a good idea. Noise canceling headphones are another good option for those who want some peace and quiet. Another great product is eye masks. Eye masks are also great for long airplane trips and would help with jet lag once in the destination you have chosen to visit. And finally, to try to avoid too much jet lag is a collapsible water bottle. This makes it super easy to pack and will allow you to stay hydrated to avoid a great amount of jet lag. 

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