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Published April 3, 2018


Get a passport- Even if you are an American citizen departing from the US and arriving back in the US, technically you don’t need a passport, however just to be safe, always carry your passport with you.

Arrive at the port a day early- Arriving at your port a day early before embarkation is always a good idea. The cruise ship waits for no one, so if you decide to fly out on the day that you need to embark, and your flight is delayed or canceled, there are no exceptions for you or anyone else. The cruise ship must leave on schedule to meet the needs of every other passenger on board.  Give yourself some peace of mind and fly the day before and pay for one night in a hotel, this, in the long run, will save you more money than completely missing your cruise, and if you do they are non-refundable.

Pack as light as you can- Packing lighter than usual gives you a chance to bring back more souvenirs and lightens the load when trying to lug around your heavy suitcase everywhere.

Download the necessary apps- Cruise Lines have jumped on the craze of smartphones and most have their own app for passengers to download. Whether it be checking in with your documents on your phone, or getting the cruise line specific app to update you on what is going on that day and what ports are coming up next.

Buy travel insurance- Taking the risk and sailing during hurricane season? Travel insurance is an absolute must. Not just for emergencies, but just having peace of mind knowing that if anything did end up happening that you are covered when you do recover.

Use frequent flyer miles- Maybe you have enough miles to fly to your port and only have to pay for the cruise. This cuts back on the price of your vacation leaving you with more money to spend on experiences at each port of call or maybe splurging at the gift shops onboard.

Ask questions at the ship terminal- It is crucial that you are lining up in the proper area for the cruise you are attending. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at the port terminal. There is plenty of staff from different cruise lines to assist you to the proper place you need to be. And when at the terminal, always be prepared with your documents and passports ready.


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